Modified Mobility Carts enable commercial endeavors in Guatemala


AQUI LES DEJO VARIOS EJEMPLOS DE PERSONAS QUE CAMBIARON SU ESTILO DE VIDA. Y DEJARON DE PEDIR DINERO. Ahora trabajan por su propia cuenta. Si te gusta comenta y danos alguna sugerencia constructiva.

Facebook Translation: Here I leave several examples of people who changed their lifestyle. And they stopped asking for money. Now they work on their own. If you like comment and give us some constructive suggestions.

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“I could move about in only a limited way. Now I am able to move long distances,” he grins


Mzimba Boma Malawi … It is far too easy for most people to take their feet and legs for granted. Each morning as our eyes open we move quickly from our beds and begin activities for the day. We do not give it a second thought. Walking from here to there takes place without even thinking; the bed to the kitchen, kitchen to konde (room to greet visitors), konde to the outdoors, and then to the broader world around us. We do it with ease, without thought. Our legs and feet are always there, and always ready to give us a lift wherever we want to go. Continue reading ““I could move about in only a limited way. Now I am able to move long distances,” he grins”

Life will be totally different!



Kalino Village, Southern Malawi … “Where could she be. She is no where to be found. But how can this be as she cannot walk? Question after question we could not answer as we waited for her to come to meet with us. It had been a rough time getting to this village and most of its inhabitants were out tending their gardens. The guide showed us the way to her house, then asked us to wait near the road as he went forward to find her. In a few minutes he returned to report she was not there. He had already sent some boys to find her. We were soon advised she was still within the perimeters of the village. It seemed she had crawled all the way to the other side of the village to greet the visitors. She did not know from which direction we would be coming. Continue reading “Life will be totally different!”

Pull Mobility Cart gets Lamisi around her village in Northern Ghana


Lamisi is a 53 old woman who was born with cerebral palsy and other physical deformities, her entire life has been limited to the compound of their round mud and thatched house in the northern region of Ghana. Her movement within the house has never been easy for her and her sibling’s, they have to pick her and move her around the house which is very tiring and not easy for people that provide her with such assistance. With the Pull Cart, the siblings easily move her around the house. Now her world is not limited to the confines of her house but she is able to come out of her house and enjoy other
parts of the village at her convenience and at the convenience of the people that help her.

Thank you

Adam Sandow
In-Country Director
Point Hope Ghana