Pull Cart Gives Mobility to 14-year-old in Haiti

From Christ Family Church – Making a Difference:

Jesse, from Christ Family Church, shares about the team’s action-packed day. From creating safer living conditions to providing mobility for those who were without, they are striving to make the greatest difference possible with the time they are given.

After the goats were gone, we came back to the campus to pick up a PET (Personal Energy Transportation) cart for a young man of 14 who has a very small disfigured body. Because he would be unable to propel the cart himself, this one was modified to include a handle for pulling him. The visit with him was a joy for everyone because this young man has a beautiful smile and a joyful spirit. Our Haitian companions were very engaged with him and were excited to pull him in the cart for a trial run. Christi was happy that we had that opportunity because it proved that further modifications are needed.

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Mobility Carts reaches Ekwendeni CCAP Mission Hospital in Malawi

Complete consignment of Carts in the warehouse

Receive warm greetings from Ekwendeni CCAP Mission Hospital in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

On behalf of the Management and staff of Ekwendeni CCAP Mission Hospital, I write to acknowledge receipt of a container carrying Mobility carts on 28th July 2017 details as below;

1. 88 Large Mobility Carts
2. 86 Small Mobility Carts
3. 21 Pull Mobility Carts
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Modified Mobility Carts enable commercial endeavors in Guatemala

From https://www.facebook.com/williamroberto.sosa/posts/1695735470734173:

AQUI LES DEJO VARIOS EJEMPLOS DE PERSONAS QUE CAMBIARON SU ESTILO DE VIDA. Y DEJARON DE PEDIR DINERO. Ahora trabajan por su propia cuenta. Si te gusta comenta y danos alguna sugerencia constructiva.

Facebook Translation: Here I leave several examples of people who changed their lifestyle. And they stopped asking for money. Now they work on their own. If you like comment and give us some constructive suggestions.

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Mobility Zambia delivers Gifts of Mobility in Chingola

From https://www.facebook.com/alick.mvula/posts/1411229955631042

“What you see in the truck are #PETs(Personal Energy Transportation) they are built at New Life Center the organization I’m working in Ministry with. Once they finishing making them, they are given freely to the disabled people all over Zambia and some parts of Africa. Today the PETs where delivered to Chingola. Its a blessing to give away such gifts.They are really helpful and easy to use.”

“I could move about in only a limited way. Now I am able to move long distances,” he grins


Mzimba Boma Malawi … It is far too easy for most people to take their feet and legs for granted. Each morning as our eyes open we move quickly from our beds and begin activities for the day. We do not give it a second thought. Walking from here to there takes place without even thinking; the bed to the kitchen, kitchen to konde (room to greet visitors), konde to the outdoors, and then to the broader world around us. We do it with ease, without thought. Our legs and feet are always there, and always ready to give us a lift wherever we want to go. Continue reading ““I could move about in only a limited way. Now I am able to move long distances,” he grins”