PET affiliates team up for container shipment to Benin, West Africa

We are happy to announce that the PET affiliates in East Jewett, NY and Murfreesboro, TN are teaming up to consolidate a container load (170) of PET carts destined for Benin.  This is the second time that they have partnered with M.I.E.R.S., Mission Internationale D’ Evangelisation Et De Reveil Spirituel.  This is a French speaking Christian organization that has a heart for the disabled in their country.

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MedShare Container Shipment Announcment

Esmeraldas Province, EcuadorToday, June 3, 2010, a very special container of humanitarian aid destined for ECUADOR was loaded and shipped, but it was not from either of MedShare‘s two warehouses.  This container left from Columbia, Missouri, and it is holding 205 three-wheeled, hand-cranked rough-terrain wheelchair devices called Personal Energy Transportation vehicles, or P.E.T.s for short.  

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PET MO-Columbia Update June 1, 2010

*** The shipment of 180+ PETs to Ecuador was delayed two days and is scheduled for June 3.

*** PET MO-Columbia has scheduled a major fund raising event (Walk & Roll) for September 18, at the Stevens Lake Park in Columbia. Put it on your calendar.

*** Lions International is a great partner of PET International. 140 PETs were sent to Lions Club International District 325 B, in Nepal. The shipment was coordinated with Handicap International who helped assess the handicapped individuals. The report included this:
   “There are many causes of disability in Nepal like paralysis,birth defects, accidents, insurgency and because of different diseases. The poor disabled who have lost their legs but cannot afford the legs are passing difficult life without wheelchairs. In such a situation PETs are being their appropriate means of transportation. In such a situation, those who have lost or damaged their legs by any cause are much benefited by the PETs in Nepal.” (Photos with the report showed a wide variety of leg disabilities.)
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Bed Linens thru The Container Project

(The Container Project operates under the same 501c3 as PET MO-Columbia, but with separate funds and records.)

A hospital in Columbia discards its bed linens while there is still a LOT of good use in them. One of our volunteers collects them, freshly laundered, sterilized and folded. Our volunteers sort and box, and we send them to various mission agencies. Last week we received this note from The Orphan Grain Train in NE, which receives and distributes some of the linens:

   “Jerry and Faythe Jaroska and I were fortunate to visit hospitals in the Chinandega area of Nicaragua where they are only changing sheets for every eighth patient! The children’s hospital is where the children were laying on towels for lack of linens. We know this is definitely a destination for your wonderful linens.” Clayton Andrews

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Ramchandra Dahal, from Nepal, sent this wonderful report

“It is my great pleasure to the distribution of PETs in Nepal. Although there were lots of obstacles the blessing of needy people inspired us to continue such projects. We are grateful for your supports of our developing country. I feel happy to the disabled walking by PETs and involve in income generating program like selling newspaper, flowers, compact discs, electronic devices, etc. As their responses, PETs are being more comfortable for long travel due to comfortable ride. PETs are also being popular among farmers because the disabled of the family of farmer occupation need support from others but no one has leisure time to serve them. In such situations disabled started doing their tasks by themselves. Not only that, they are helping other family members by serving breakfast to the field, going to market for buying goods, etc.”

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report from Swaziland, Africa partner The Luke Commission

In 2009 we began our partnership with The Luke Commission, Compassionate Medicine, in Swaziland, Africa. We sent a shipping container full of PETs (adult, child & Pull) made at different Affiliate production shops. They have already asked when they can receive another shipment. We are thrilled with this new PET partnership.

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