Mobility Worldwide a part of Lions International Centennial Conventions

Mobility Worldwide at the Convention. (L-R) Walt Hays, MW Advisor, Dr. Dale Dyema, West Michigan Affiliate director, JoAnn Shore, Alaska Volunteer, Cathy Dykema, West Michigan volunteer, and Von Driggs, MW Director of Operations.

Mobility Worldwide was a part of the gathering of 20,000 Lions in Chicago, June 28-July 4th. 20,000 Lions were in attendance from throughout the world. Lions are a major distribution partner and our mobility cart has been a part of Lions International Conventions in Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, Sydney Seattle, Hamburg and Toronto since 2006. A feature of Lions Conventions is the great parade of nations. Our carts are a part of the Alaska delegation in the parade.

Former Vice President Gore and Former UN General Secretary, Ban Ki Moon addressed the convention. Lions International is the world’s largest service organization with 1.4 million members in over 46,000 clubs in 208 countries and geographic areas around the world.

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