Disablilty is not inability!

From https://t.e2ma.net/message/61i9l/2y1yig:

“To us, it might be a small deal, but to them, it is their whole life.”

“KR and Mobility Worldwide partnered in March for another PET cart distribution event. We are so honored to be a small part in the amazing work done by Mobility Worldwide We were blessed to have Terry Furstenau and Jeff Moran from PET Missouri in Columbia join in this event and see their work make a difference first hand.”

2 Replies to “Disablilty is not inability!”

  1. Yes, Mobility Worldwide has a great program. I have helped to send and deliver more than 20 Mobility wheelchairs to Ethiopia, and they are received with great excitement. My first trip was with PET-Kansas, when we delivered 200 to Honduras.
    I was the ‘official chronicler’, and those who received the chairs (now called ‘mobility carts’ were extremely grateful. Recipients’ reactions included everything from tears to laughter and jubilation. That was the most moving week of my life.

  2. As a board member of Mobility Worldwide and a worker at one of the 21 other shops that also build carts, thanks to Columbia for making a video that tells the impact of our work by concentrating on the recipients on whose behalf we all work.

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