Your GIFT can be doubled to provide more Mobility Worldwide!

Will you help change more lives with Mobility Carts?

Here’s proof—evidence—that Mobility Worldwide is changing the lives of entire families by providing them with mobility & more. The Malawi woman pictured on the right had been carrying her daughter for years – ever since Chrissy was stricken with polio as a small child. Can you imagine that?

Chrissy’s mother said, “it has been a hard experience and it is very tiresome on my back”. Earlier this spring, Chrissy’s mom carried her to a place where one of our valued distribution partners gave her a Mobility Cart. Their lives were instantly changed. Would you please donate today during this summer campaign so that we can help others like Chrissy and her mother with mobility and more?

We have the opportunity of doubling your donation during this campaign thanks to a generous donor. The donor told me that he would match every donation from this campaign—dollar for dollar—up to $10,000. So now’s the time to make a tremendous impact on the lives of people throughout the developing world who can’t walk and who live in places where regular wheelchairs won’t work.

Money used from this campaign will help in several areas including helping to offset the expenses associated with getting our sturdy handcrafted wheelchair carts to where they are needed most—in some of the remote locations throughout the world. Please help us reach our goal this summer by donating today to this match challenge. And please spread the word of our work to your friends, family, and church. Write me if you would like me to send you materials.

Thank you and God bless you for your generosity!

Scott Walters | Executive Director
Mobility Worldwide

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