“Divine Spark” makes thousands of Mobility Carts possible each year

Maker of the PET Mobility Cart since 1994.

How brightly does your ‘divine spark’ shine?

Mobility Worldwide MO-Columbia update

This morning was one of those rare times when the song from “Oklahoma” came to mind – what a beautiful morning. Seventy-one degrees it was, a slight breeze, bright sunshine and a clear sky. Our cat Pumpkin checked and sniffed everything I did as I worked a few hours on our hillside flower garden, weeding, mulching, nipping old blooms, and doing what I call cosmetic work. Our Mocking bird burst forth in song from the top of the tallest walnut tree, and a blue jay dropped down to scold and tease Pumpkin. It was a good moment to be alive.

Why do I do it, I asked myself? I’ve done my share of hoeing and mulching and pruning and trimming and harvesting. Not many ever come back to see this garden, tucked away in an isolated corner. For most of the over 8 billion people alive in this world it matters not at all what this little piece of God’s Earth looks like. None would complain if we let it grow back to thorns and honeysuckle. Why?

The Biblical story many of us accept is that we are created in the “image” of a creative God. The Genesis story is of a Creator who made the heavens and the Earth, the plants, oceans, animals and all that is in it, then in the evaluation of all that said, “That is good!” (In Swahili the word for “good” sounds like “Missouri.”) When I finished my garden work this morning, I walked the length of it and said to myself, “Missouri!” Pumpkin crawled out from beneath our huge Hosta plants and came in with me.

When we open our lives to the best within us, we want to do good, to create, to make a better world. I call that the “divine spark” within us. An artist wants to paint a beautiful picture. A farmer wants to grow a bountiful crop. A mechanic wants to tune perfectly an engine. A home-maker wants to present that meal balanced in nutrition and beauty. A musician wants to write the perfect song.

That “divine spark” is alive at Mobility Worldwide. No one would blame anyone if they did not volunteer their time, energy, skills, experience or money to build and ship beautiful wheelchairs to people they will never see. Those who would not get them would never know. No court would ever judge us. But once we have seen the need and experienced the movement to solve it, that “divine spark” begins to burn brightly.

(pictured: Boonlert 57 years old had polio and received a cart in 2014 in Thailand)

Every morning at the production shop is a beautiful morning. We work to the songs of the shaper, the cut-off saw, the table saw, the post drill and the air-hammer. Visitors drop in to see and approve our work, as Pumpkin did mine today. At the end of our day, we walk through the warehouse and appraise our work and report quietly to ourselves, “Missouri”/ Good!

“In order to create there must be a dynamic force – and what force is more potent than love.” – Igor Stravinisky

Mel West, Director Emeritus
DBA Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia

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