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Mobility Worldwide MO-Columbia update 5/25/17

The world is getting better every day, and Mobility Worldwide is a part of making it so! That is the message I am trying to get out to young and old alike. I do not want the young to think their task is hopeless. I do not want the elderly to think they have lived in vain. Here are some of the “vital signs” of Earth that support my statement:

*** Our wars are killing far fewer. The Civil War ( 5 yrs.) 498,332; WWI (2 yrs) 115,516; WWII, (6 yrs.) 495,399; Korean War (4 yrs.) 36,568; Viet Nam (11 yrs.) 58,119; Afghanistan, (12+ yrs.) 3,000+.

*** Health care has improved dramatically. The early pandemics such as The Black Death, Bubonic Plague, Smallpox, etc. killed up to half the world’s population at one time. Recent hits of HIV and Ebola have taken relatively fewer lives.

*** The percentage of the world’s children vaccinated against major diseases climbed from 1/5 in 1970 to over 4/5 in 2012.

*** Worldwide poverty rates have declined dramatically. The global poverty rate has been cut in half in the last 20 yrs, and is declining at a steady rate of 1% a year.

*** 50 years ago more than half the world’s population was undernourished. Today it is 10%.

*** Human fertility rates are decreasing. Average fertility rates for the world in 1960, 5.3. In 2005 3.0. Education, technology and health care account for that.

*** Newborn babies are living longer. In 1900 one child in 5 died the first year. In 2000 one child in 20 died the first year.

*** More of the world’s children are being educated. Today 90% are enrolled in primary education, as compared to less than half in 1950.

(read the full story about Kennedy at school… in Kenya)

*** USA firearm homicides are going down. Firearm deaths per 100,000: 1981, 6.6; 1992, 7.0; 2002, 3.8; 2010, 3.6.

The biggest success in development has NOT been to make people richer, but rather, has been in making the things that really matter – cheaper and available.
Mobility Worldwide has been a part of a worldwide wheelchair movement during the last 20 years or so to make something important to people, available – the gift of mobility. The world is getting better, and Mobility Worldwide is a part of that. The arc of life bends very slowly, but it always bends toward justice.
“Justice is love in action.”
Mel West, Director Emeritus
DBA Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia

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