“She is My Daughter, But She is Heavy!”

Here is a particularly special story about a Mom selflessly loving, caring for, and bearing the burden of her precious daughter! 

This mother and daughter live in Malawi and at the young age of 3, Chrissy, one of her children, contracted polio; her life was spared, but her legs were not.  For 19 years, this mother carried her daughter, Chrissy, on her back–everywhere!

As Chrissy grew older, the problem of getting her from place to place became more and more difficult.  “She is heavy!” her mother explained, “it has been a hard experience and it is very tiresome on my back.  I must carry her everyday.”

Then one life changing day, her mother carried Chrissy to a place that would change both of their lives:  Wilson Tembo with the Malawi Project fitted Chrissy into a Mobility Cart made in Wheatfield, Indiana.  “Now I will be able to get her to and from church very easily,” her mother said.  And for the very first time, at the age of 22, her mother walked back to their village with Chrissy–but this time, they were side by side!

Wilson Tembo, the Distribution Officer for the Malawi Project added, “The Mobility Unit will be a useful tool and a great means of transportation for Chrissy every day. Secondly, the availability of this unit will help her mother attend to other important matters because she no longer has to carry Chrissy on her back all the time.”

Look at the smile on Chrissy’s mother’s face!  I have no doubt that this gift is as much a gift to Chrissy’s mother as it is to Chrissy, and that this cart will be appreciated just as much by her – if not more — than by her daughter!

This is one of over 400 carts sent to Malawi in cooperation with the Malawi Project.  Last week our Shop loaded another Shipping Container with 170 additional units–they will arrive in Malawi in August.

We appreciate your interest and prayers for Mobility Ministries, and if you choose to follow up and help out by financially supporting this ministry, we will continue to build the best carts we can so Chrissy and other deserving individuals will be able to experience mobility and dignity.  All gifts are welcome; it takes about $300 to build one of these life changing Carts, and each Cart creates a story like that of this special Mother and Chrissy, her daughter.  You can sponsor a story like this!

You may use the address below to send a donation, or go to our website and give online.  Please feel free to share this story with others you know.

Spreading the Love of Jesus, and Serving our King together!

Arla Gabrielse, Office Volunteer

Mobility Ministries, Inc.
12352 North 550 West
Wheatfield, IN  46392

mobilityministries@gmail.com (email)
www.mobilityministries.org (website)


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