Mobility reports from Honduras show how we make a difference together

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Mobility Worldwide MO-Columbia Update:

Together we make a difference! I’ve lived that saying all my life. As a kid on the farm during the Great Depression, bank closures and Dust Bowl Days, we joined hands as neighbors in threshing, fence-building, butchering, and in many other ways. Some had skills others did not have. We shared.

Sunday I was at the local Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbia checking out their youth activities bulletin board. The large poster was a report of their ongoing project in Honduras. In 2009 they began helping the local people in the villages of El Pital and Las Mangas build adequate latrines. They have also brought back and sold local Honduran crafts, and have raised money to build a cable car to cross the Cangrejal River so the children can attend school when the river is high. They have built a relationship with the people in Honduras that is changing lives and building bridges of love, trust, understanding, respect and appreciation.

Then, at the top of the poster I saw photo of a Mobility Cart, and the words “PET Sighting.” During their time in Honduras they sight Mobility Carts, and know whence they come. Several members of that church also support Mobility Worldwide MO-Columbia, and the vines of caring and sharing are intermingled.

2012 report from same youth group about another recipient of mobility from our mission – details at bottom of page

In that one little spot on this Earth two local groups make a difference. The disposal of human waste is becoming more safe and comfortable. Children are now more secure in going to school, and some leg-handicapped people are mobile.

Worldwide that is the picture. Literally hundreds of thousands of small groups like the UUCC Youth find a spot of need and work with the local people to change the status quo.

And, there are the larger groups with which we inter-mingle – Habitat, Heifer, ECHO, SIFAT, Alfalit, UMCOR, The Orphan Grain Train, World Vision, Rainbow Network, UNICEF, Honduran Medical Relief, Lutheran World Relief, Rotary, Lions, Doctors Without Borders, and on and on. We each do our thing. We cooperate when we can. We make mistakes and learn. But, yes, together we make a difference!!

“Permit a man to light his fire from yours.” – A Latin saying, 100 B.C..

Mel West, Director Emeritus
DBA Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia

2012 follow up that goes with picture above: We use donations to build Mobility Carts, but also collect and distribute other used mobility devices: wheelchairs, crutches, canes and foldable walkers.:

“Hi Mel!

Last year we took a wheelchair you donated to Honduras for a girl who had experienced incredible losses and wasn’t able to walk anymore due to causes doctors couldn’t explain. I am so glad to tell you that the wheelchair helped her and her mother tremendously and that she is getting much better…..

Thank you so much for your work! Allie”


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