Follow up report on Mobility Cart recipient, Sajor in Port Loko, Sierra Leone – a joyful story

I met Sajor in Port Loko, Sierra Leone in December at the request of a local head teacher. He’s 12 years old and lives with his mother. Sajor has learning disabilities. The first photo is the one I took in December. The second is the one the head teacher sent to me yesterday when Sajor called to see her.

She said: ‘The Mobility cart has changed this boy’s life so much. Now he goes everywhere by himself, beaming and full of confidence. It has brought a real change of fortune to the whole family. His mother’s life is now so much better too. May God bless you all for the work you do, bringing joy to the lives of families in Sierra Leone afflicted by polio’.

The blessing should be shared with you all and your donors and colleagues and volunteers. The pictures speak for themselves.

Best wishes

Kevin Curley CBE
Sierra Leone Education and Development Trust

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