What is the 93 year old ex Mobility Cart director doing lately?

Maker of the PET Mobility Cart since 1994.

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Mobility Worldwide MO-Columbia Update: 559 built since 1-1-17

It’s been several years since founder Mel West stepped down and Gary Moreau took over as Executive Director. So what does Mel do with his spare time? Well to start, he is still active with the 2 organizations under our 501c3:

* At Mobility Worldwide part-time about three days a week writing thank you letters, etc.

* Packing sewing machines and fabric for that project under The Container Project

* Still preaches or speaks to groups when invited

other activities include

* Spending more time with Barbara, spouse of 72 years

* Gardening – ask him about his lettuce

* 1 1/2 mile walk around his retirement community daily

* Avid reader and writer of his personal daily Facebook blog

* Oh and one more thing he does for our mission site – landscaping!!

Mel With Rake

(read more detail…)

“No indolence, no laziness, but employ every minute of your life in active pleasures or useful employment.” – Lord Chesterfield, 1747

Kathy Maynard, Business Administrator for 17 years
DBA Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia

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