Mobility Cart enables cell phone repair entrepreneur


David has some serious skills with cell phones! He stays busy with his business repairing and charging phones, and it’s all been made easier with access to a mobility cart from Mobility Worldwide. — at Migori County.

Meet David!

David was yet another example of the opportunity and success that Mobility Worldwide can bring to a life. We had the privilege of spending some time with David during our shoot in Kenya. He is disabled, and as you can see from one of the photos, he spent most of his time crawling on his hands and knees…UNTIL he was given a mobility cart.

Interviewing David about his three (!) businesses and the opportunities he’s had through use of his mobility cart from Mobility Worldwide. — at Migori County.

David already had a business where he charged and repaired cell phones, but he says the cart gave him so much more freedom – he immediately had easier access to travel so he could charge his main battery. After that business picked up even more, he had a small hotel built… and after THAT, a little pub next door. We all crowded into the pub for Cokes and Fantas for a break during our long day of shooting. 🙂

Taking a break at David’s pub after interviews! He spent most of his life crawling on his hands and knees, just like you see in the photo. It’s certainly anything but easy, especially in rural Kenya. But we were amazed at how positive and upbeat David is. His mobility cart from Mobility Worldwide has given him the ability to expand and simplify his businesses, and it seems like life is good! — at Migori County.

It’s just so impressive and such a testament to the fact that disability is not inability. David was already ambitious and his mobility cart just gave him that extra push in his life. A success story indeed.

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