Mobility Carts reach disabled in Kyrgyzstan through Orphan Grain Train partnership


We received 32 all-terrain wheelchairs for adults and children with the OGT 1601. All-terrain wheelchairs are always in good demand here. The all-terrain wheelchairs were distributed among the following organizations: the Crosslink Development International (10 pieces), the Rehabilitation Center “Obereg” (5 pieces), the Society of Kyrgyz Occupational Therapists (10 pieces), the Invalids’ Society in the town if Balykchy (7 pieces).

Kyle Zimmerle, the Project Manager of Crosslink Development International, is picking up 10 PETS
Megdad sami, 12 years old
Rikket Roman, 14 years old

We received the above pictures from the Rehabilitation Center “Obereg” that received 5 all-terrain wheelchairs from OGT 1601 for the children with infantile cerebral paralysis. Two of them wrote their stories which are very moving:

Rikket Roman: My name is Roman. I was born at Lake Issyk-Kul. I am 14 years old. My grand-mother was bringing me up. There was no kindergarten in our village where I could spend time and develop. My grand-mother brought me to the wonderful Center “Obereg” where I live the whole year round. Thanks to the care of my teachers   I have learned to walk a little bit and eat with a spoon. Though my left side is very weak I try my best to repeat the movements after my teachers and other children. Now I have my own “automobile” and I am very happy because I will be able to spend more time in the yard. I thank you for this wonderful “automobile”.

Usenov Azamat, 11years old
Erkinova Akylai, 12 years old
Bolotova Malika, 12 years old

Bolotova Malika: My name is Malika, I am 12. My family and teachers from the “Obereg” Rehabilitation Center have taught me to stand and walk. When I was a child my Mom was always carrying me, then I learned to walk with crutches but I cannot walk long distances with crutches because I get tired soon. Now when I have this wonderful all-terrain wheelchair my teachers do not have to carry me or move my wheel-chair. I can go around without any help. Now I will be able to spend more time with my friends outside. During winter months I will be able to play with my friends in the yard instead of watching them playing out of the window.

The above pictures were sent by the Invalids’ Society of the Issyk-Kul oblast of Kyrgyzstan (the town of Balykchy). The woman in the all-terrain wheelchair wrote her story: My name is Kirdikabakova Janyl. At the age of 20, I had a spinal puncture. Something went wrong during that procedure and I have been unable to walk since then. Despite my disability, I got married at the age of 27. My husband and I have three beautiful daughters. I fully depend on people around me. Now, with this wheelchair I will be able to move around myself. I will be able to go to the market and a drug-store. It is such a joy! I was dreaming about something like this device and now I have it. My dream has come true. I thank Fund “Compassion” and all people in the States for this gift.

We noticed that Janyl was sitting in a child’s wheelchair. I phoned the Head of the Invalids’ Society and asked if she was comfortable in such a small wheelchair. He said that Janyl was so small that the child’s wheelchair was quite good for her. He also mentioned that she was very happy with it using it a lot.

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