Watch a new video on how Bechibila uses her Mobility Cart to educate villagers

Maker of the PET Mobility Cart since 1994.

You can help others serve their communities.

Give the Gift of Mobility, Dignity, and Opportunity!

We have a lot of folks who send us “Mobility Cart sightings”. Kathleen Miner, daughter of cart designer, just returned from her work in Kenya and reported visiting with a man on a cart. She saw many more. Others send photos or tell stories of seeing the carts in various countries.

This past week we received an excellent short video showing a young lady using a rather new and colorful Mobility Cart to serve her community in Ghana. The video begins with the woman, apparently a polio victim, crawling across the floor and getting on her cart. She then travels rather widely educating people about how to achieve clean water. She demonstrates various techniques and products. ECHO, an NGO, promotes the use of the dried and ground roots of the widely grown Moringa tree as an effective method of clarifying dirty water. The young lady promoting clean water was dignified and self-assured, and was providing an important service. Without her Mobility Cart, she and the community would have been denied all that.

Recipients seem to be instantly eager to make use of their cart beyond just personal mobility. They find ways to use it to support family and “repay” those who have supported them.

One fellow in Viet Nam goes to the local park and sells balloons (2008 report). Several have built small covered traveling snack shops on their cart, and become a street vender. Some put shoe shine kits in the carts and go to public places to offer a shine. We send “mini-marts” with some carts – picnic cooler and plastic trays, so they can attract customers for food and drink items. One in Guatemala put a public sound system on his cart and sells his services of riding around town advertising.

Across the developing world, Mobility Worldwide offers leg-handicapped persons an opportunity to not only have personal mobility, but also to use that mobility to serve others.
“To be of most service to my brother, I must meet him on the most equal and even ground.” – Henry David Thoreau

Mel West, Director Emeritus
DBA Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia

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