7 year old Angel in Honduras receives a Mobilty Cart after his amputation

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Angel is a 7 year old boy in Honduras, with two items that immediately get your attention – a face with a wide smile, and a right leg totally missing. How do those two come together?

Angel was born with two severely clubbed feet. After surgery in a Honduran hospital an infection developed and total amputation of the leg was necessary. He was a very active boy and the tragic loss of the leg weighed heavily on the mother. Angel was constantly asking, “Where is my leg.” He had lost his mobility.

A local organization called Childspring International secured a Mobility Cart from Mobility Worldwide. When Angel saw the cart his eyes brightened and he said to his mother, “You go walking and I will drive my car.” His mother reported, “He can move by himself so that makes his life so much better. He is very fast with his car. He goes to market by himself.”

Angel’s family is so happy and grateful for the Mobility Cart. The opportunity to move and be free brought such joy to Angel and it spread to his family and neighbors. They said, “He looks like he is driving a car. He gives rides to his friends. It is the best gift he could have received.”

Meet Angel, Childspring International's June Highlight!

“We are not passengers on spaceship Earth, traveling through space. We are the crew.” – Anon

Mel West, Director Emeritus
DBA Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia

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