Mobility Cart beneficiary Juma Ruwa in Likoni, Kenya

img_20170118_130025img_20170119_122204“I visited Juma Ruwa who is the beneficiary of PET cart (serial number 0220) at his place of work at APDK LIKONI QUALITY FURNITURE workshops. We had a very interactive session and he confided to me that the PET cart is of great help to him as it enhances his mobility. He saves money he would have spent for fare and uses it to pay rent instead. He is able to run errands comfortably and also visit friends and relatives who stay outside Likoni. He says the only challenge is that the PET cart is slow as you have to peddle several revolutions for a small movement and trusts the manufacturers can work on improving the PET cart speed. Otherwise he is very grateful to have been privileged to have received one.”

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