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Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia Update:

Mobility Worldwide is a part of an interesting and inspiring web of relationships. My life and PET/MW has been so enriched by that constantly growing and inter-connected web. One of our major distributors of Mobility Carts is Orphan Grain Train in NE, which during the last three years shipped 1,122 carts to mission agencies around the world. We were introduced to them by one of our volunteer Mobility Worldwide builders who lives near St. Louis, MO. Then we met the Buhrkuhls, who are hardworking volunteers for PET/MW and the other mission projects in our building. They frequently stop in with their big smiles and big load of mission items.

All those mentioned are from the Lutheran side of MW’s large ecumenical family. (Barbara and I live in the Lenoir Woods Senior Center, a Lutheran owned facility here in Columbia.)

Mary Buhrkuhl connected our mission to Thrivent Financial’s giving avenue and we were approved to be a part of Thrivent Choice. This is their recent report to us. “We’re excited to share that in 2016 Mobility Worldwide (PET), of Columbia, MO, received $1,084 in charitable outreach funding through Thrivent Choice. The Thrivent Choice program helps members of Thrivent Financial make a positive impact in their communities. If you and your family or friends are Benefit Members of Thrivent, call 1-800-thrivent, and say ‘Choice Dollars.’ You can be one of the over 335,000 Thrivent members to choose to direct Choice Dollars to more than 32,000 churches, schools and other non-profits, including Mobility Worldwide (PET), Columbia, MO.” Since 2013 we have received member directed gifts totaling $3,631! Thank you to Mary and all who chose our mobility mission with their Choice Dollars.

Many other organizations and businesses offer opportunities to join you in giving to non-profits. Each year we receive “matching” checks from employers who will match the charitable giving of employees. We get a donor check with a simple form to fill out. We send it to the employer, and an equal sized check comes to MW/PET.

“Ask and you will receive,” is scriptural. Sometimes it works.
?”No good thing is pleasant to possess without a friend to share it.” – ?Seneca the Younger, 50 A.D.
Mel West, Director Emeritus
DBA Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia

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