Ali Mwinyi Mwabibo fits in at school with his Gift of Mobility

img_20170118_151901_1csimg_4533From American Friends of Kenya:

“Ali Mwinyi Mwabibo is a primary school pupil in Shikaadabu. He is a beneficiary of the chid PET cart (serial number 2705). He has been suffering from cerebral palsy and the PET cart has really helped him for mobility purposes and also as a therapy tool. Ever since he was given the PET cart her mother testifies, he has been more active and both hands are becoming stronger by the day. The PET cart has enabled him move around and play with other children apart from going to school, something that has enabled him socialize with his peers well. The parents also have more free time for themselves rather than keeping an eye on him all the time.The kid was very jovial playing with his peers and the mother says she is very grateful and implores upon the AFK and the PET cart manufacturers to continue helping more people in Kenya with the PET carts.”

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