Second Mobility Unit Targets Independence

31578363392_b3c76b80c3_z-300x225Juma Village, Malawi … Chimwemwe Chelewani, 22, comes from Juma Village in Traditional Authority Mchema in Chiladzulu District. Physically challenged from birth, Chimwemwe dropped out of school after no one in his family could any longer help him make the trip to school. He dropped out in Standard 1, and his situation was hopeless because of his growing size and inability to move his legs.

Then the shipment of mobility units arrived in Malawi in early December, thanks to Mobility Worldwide and the Malawi Project. Chimwemwe was one of the first in line to be greeted by Wilson Tembo with a new unit.

Tembo reports, “Today we gave Chimwemwe a new mobility device – thanks to the joint effort of Mobility Worldwide, Malawi Project and Namikango Mission. This is his first wheelchair type device in 22 years of his life.”

Chelewani responded, “This wheelchair will help me move around, go to church.” He added, “This gift will also help me engage in a small business.”

Tembo continues, “After dropping out of school he was also unable to cultivate and grow crops on his own. Now Chimwemwe has a big plan. A plan to start a small business of selling eggs at a nearby trading centre. He is hopeful this will help change his life for the better. For all these years he has had to depend on his elderly father to support him, but now, he can work independently. Thanks to those who made this donation possible.”

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