You can start telling the Mobility Worldwide (PET) stories today

Maker of the PET cart since 1994.

You can become a Promoter. Pick one idea and start!!

Give the Gift of Mobility, Dignity, and Opportunity!

Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia Update: 1,623 built in 2016


Several years ago a friend of mine retired and moved to WA. He set a personal goal of raising money for 200 PETs before he died and did. Another friend retired and moved to Iowa and became a MW (PET) promoter. Money began to come in from the Lions Clubs, churches and the friends of his and those of his wife. He is now deceased, but checks still flow from that community; and his wife is now promoting.

You who are reading this can become a promoter for Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia right where you are. Here are suggestions:

(1) Write to us at 1908 Heriford, Columbia, MO, 65202, and tell us you want to promote locally. We will send you materials to get you started, including copies of our excellent DVD.

(2) Contact churches and service clubs and tell them you want to make a presentation about MW. Ask for the nearest specific date when you could do that. Show the video. Tell the story. Give handouts.

(3) Begin now telling your local churches that MW would make a very good mission project for next summer’s VBS. Order our VBS packet for them. Borrow a small sized cart; the kids have great fun with it. (See link below for details.)

(4) Give some dollars to MW MO – Columbia in honor of local family or friends. We will acknowledge that and send them information to tell the story.

(5) If you can, borrow a cart from us and ride it in a local parade with handouts.

Volunteers ride carts and carry a banner in MU parade.
Volunteers ride carts and carry a banner in MU parade.

(6) If you can, visit our production shop and warehouse here in Columbia – hours M – F 8 am to 3 pm except holidays. Call ahead to get on the calendar for a tour and bring a carload of friends. They will go home and tell the story.

(7) If you can, make the MW distribution trip to Guatemala or another country to help assemble and distribute Mobility carts. Ask us about it.

(8) Get the MW/PET cap and “T” shirt. Become known as “Mr. PET” (or Mrs.). You will receive great personal satisfaction from knowing that your actions caused many leg-handicapped persons to rise to a life of dignity, hope, pride, comfort and productivity.
“A friend is a gift you give yourself.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Mel West, Director Emeritus
DBA Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia

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