Disabled students recieve the Gift of Mobility in Bonthe on Shabro Island, Sierra Leone

img-20170105-wa0001Hi Von,

My brilliant volunteers Chernor and Sulaiman delivered PETs to 4 students in Bonthe this week, following their assessments. A marvellous day for these young people and their families. Thanks to you and Ibrahim and Lamin for making it possible.

John Smith, the Social Welfare Officer for Bonthe, also took part in the deliveries. He identified the students in need for me back in November when I visited Shabro Island.

We have some good photos taken by Chernor of the students with their PETs.

It’s been tough to get this far but so satisfying to see how the PETs are already improving the life chances of these young people. It’s a good partnership which has worked well thanks to excellent cooperation from everyone.

A great New Year’s gift!

The next challenge is to get four PETs to very disabled students in Port Loko and Foredugu.

Good wishes

Kevin Curley CBE
Chair of the Trustees
Sierra Leone Education and Development Trust

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