World Vision distributes Mobility Carts in Sierra Leone

Receiving an Austin Texas PET cart from a very supportive Member of Parliament for Bo District, Sierra Leone
Receiving an Austin Texas PET cart from a very supportive Member of Parliament for Bo District, Sierra Leone

Report from Ibrahim Bangura:

Since June 2016, Mobility Worldwide (MW) has collaborated with World Vision Sierra Leone (WVSL) to deliver PET carts to the leg disabled in several locations in Sierra Leone. Some of the communities visited are very difficult to reach but with WVSL’s extensive network of field offices in the country as well as their fleet of study vehicles, it had been possible to access these needy communities in rain or shine to assess for and deliver PET carts in those communities.

The first of the collaboration was done in June 2016, following the arrival of WV container of GIK materials which also contained 66 PET carts boxes from the WV warehouse in Denver. WVSL hired trucks to transport the boxes the distribution locations in Grafton, Moyamba, Bo District and Pujehun. They also provide the support (transportation and living allowances) for Mobility Sierra Leone to assemble and assist with the assessment in all the distribution locations.

The MW Liaison person helped with identification of beneficiaries, planned the distribution trip, supported the assessment process, documented beneficiary information and helped put the distribution report together.

It is also agreed with WVSL for the conduct of a future PET cart satisfaction survey as well as a technical monitor on the condition of the PET carts, the way the PET carts are being used, what it is being used for, where it is being used and assess its wear and tear which information should be used to improve on the quality of future PET carts. WVSL is to contribute to this future survey.

The second collaboration to distribute PET carts came as a result of the success of the first joint WVSL/MW distribution. WVSL had been informed during the planning of the first distribution of the arrival of the 40 feet container from Austin Texas, of the possibility to collaborate again. As there are plenty other persons with leg disabilities living in the WVSL operational areas in Sierra Leone, WVSL promised their cooperation if they were approached for their support.

When there signs that it was becoming difficult to raise funds for the transport of the Austin Texas PET carts from the Freetown quay to Bo, WVSL was approach and a Memorandum of Understanding was developed and signed. Once again, WVSL hired a truck to transport the Austin container. This was followed by WVSL funding to launch the distribution. This event took place Friday 30th December 2016 during which 31 beneficiaries who met the assessment criteria received a PET cart each.

WVSL in return will receive 67 Austin Texas PET carts which they will distribute in their other WVSL operational areas outside Bo District in Sierra Leone. They will also be responsible to transport Mobility Sierra Leone staff to those areas and provide them with living allowances so that MSL can assemble the PET carts, help in the assessment process teach the users how to use and maintain their PET carts as well as teach local volunteers and WVSL staff on how they can help the beneficiaries look after their PET carts for long term use.

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