Check out the video of Fitri riding her new Mobility Cart in Indonesia!

Maker of the PET cart since 1994.

Thank you for giving a cart to Fitri!!

Give the Gift of Mobility, Dignity, and Opportunity!

Happy Holidays and enjoy this greeting to you on a cart made in Columbia. Board Trustees and Staff

“Greetings PET International

My name is Raymond from Obor Berkat Indonesia, would like to inform you that PET International has been a bless for children in Indonesia, especially in needs.
This time I want to share a video about a child name Fitri, that has blessed by PET.
Fitri suffers Polio since she was born.
Now she’s 8 year old. She came from simple family, her father is unable to work because of his Cataract.
While her mother had to pick the paddy seed to earn some money for the family.

Thank you, Raymond Sitorus”

I’ve seen no video or heard no story that more beautifully illustrates why PET/Mobility Worldwide was started 22 years ago. The Fitris of the world are of all colors, ages, creeds, countries and cultures. They all have one crying need, the desire to be mobile, to get up off the dirt, to go to see friends, to go to school, to go to worship, to be human. Is not that the desire of us all, but most are able to do so.

When we Christians say the Lord’s Prayer, we start by saying, “Our Father.” In that we acknowledge that we are all, on this planet Earth, of one family. Fitri is our little sister, and that Mobility Cart is our gift of love to a sister. Now, we must send someone to care for her father’s cataracts, and someone to increase the family income so all are fed and cared for properly.

That video was God’s gift to me.

Mel West, Director Emeritus
DBA Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia

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