Santa needs a PET Mobility Cart for Anna!

Maker of the PET cart since 1994.

Let’s remember the Annas at Christmas who need your help?

Give the Gift of Mobility, Dignity, and Opportunity!

Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia Update: built since 1-1-16 #1,594

Remember Anna

On the day before Christmas, I was in the PET shop
with so much to do, I just could not stop.
There were holes to be drilled, and pieces to paint.
I try to catch up, but it seems I just can’t.

So I worked and I worked, ’til muscles were sore,
then I felt a draft of wind, someone came through the door.
He was dressed all in red, with a beard all so white.
There wasn’t a bit of doubt, it was Santa Claus, all right!

He was in a big hurry, and talked, Oh, so fast.
“You need a bigger sign,” he said. “I almost went past.”
“I’m almost ready to go, I leave at midnight,
But I need one more gift, to make it all right.”

“A little girl named Anna, stepped on a land mine at play.
She lost both her legs, it was a hell of a day.
She sits on the ground, and scoots on her rear.
I need something to give her a Happy New Year.”

Larry had just finished a blue child-sized PET.
I pointed to that and said, “That’s what she’ll get.”
Santa chuckled with glee, and his eyes twinkled bright,
and in a loud voice said, “You’ve made my night.”


We packed up the PET, with its tools and all that.
We put in some toys, and a teddy-bear, soft and fat.
There was a corner in the sleigh just right for the PET.
That child will be pleased, on that you can bet.

The reindeer were prancing, they wanted to go,
so off they went with a big HO, HO, HO!
Thanks to all you elves who work in your shop,
remember the Annas of the world, and never say “Stop.”
?”What you are is God’s gift to you. What you become is your gift to God.”
— Hans Urs Von Balthasar

Mel West, Director Emeritus

Below shows the small cart in production today.




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