Large and Small Mobility Carts in Mexico enable young people

Antonio Cortinas

Antonio is a 12 years old boy who has a malformation of a bone this is a consequence of an accident and because not giving on time the medical attention he need it from the general hospital, he got a surgery bit is necessary to have some others to see if he can has improvement. He has Mexican Seguro Social because his mom is working in a Maquiladora so he had been going to appointments in Monterrey. He ask for a Mobility car to use it to go to school.

Carlos Alberto

Carlos is a teenager that has much enthusiasm to get ahead by himself; he is now in 7th grade even with his learning difficulties. Carlos born with health and in good conditions, when he was one year old he fell off the bed and fractured the skull and had bleeding this cause his multiple disabilities (Intellectual, visual, motor). With his family support he is trying to do a normal life going to school and his PET change his life to be more independent, he use it to go to school and to help her mom going to the near store. With his PET he feels productive and he is very grateful with all the people that makes the PET and give the opportunity for persons like him to have a way of transportation.


Victor is a six years old child that unfortunately he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, this has no cure otherwise it will be weakening his muscles and losing more strength to walk. He lives with his grandparents, his grandmother is the one who always has been aware of his health taking him to his medical appointment, but they have so limited resources she always ask for help to take him to see the doctor. Maria, his grandmother, was so sad because he couldn’t ride a bike as other children of his same age do and he always watch from his home the children playing outside with their bikes and running. When Victor got his Children PET, he showed a big smile on his face, because now he can play as the other children of her age, he will be able to go outside and play with his friends, not on a bike but on his PET, he is very happy with it and he is very grateful with you all by making this carts that brings a new opportunity and hope for Victor to have a life as similar as other children.

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