Mobility Carts continue to assist disabled in South Sudan

cid_e34d5560-84ab-487e-939a-caea88de8511secomPaul A. is a 40 year old man who was struggling to get around in the muddy paths of Yei, South Sudan with an old wheelchair (in photo). He would make it to church once in a while, but few other outings. He is a paraplegic due to tuberculosis of the spine (Pott’s Disease). In this photo, I am doing some physical therapy to reduce spasticity of his legs. Once we received the hand trike from your organisation, he was able to get out daily. He began to attend church and prayer meetings more regularly, and comes to the hospital to pray with patients several times a week. He is a passionate and gifted prayer – the hand trike allowed him to put his gift into action. He is able to be a vital member of the local church, ministering to those in need at the hospital (which is an outreach of the local church).

Hope this helps and encourages!

Dr. Jeff Perry
Medical Director
His House of Hope Hospital
Yei, South Sudan

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