Iuza came out of his depression upon receiving a PET Mobility Cart

Your support put a smile on Iuza’s face when his life was transformed by mobility.

Mobility Worldwide MO-Columbia update

My readers tell me they like the stories best. Here is one a few years old, from The Republic of Georgia. ACTS (A Call To Serve out of Columbia) is our distribution partner there since 2000. I use it because it so clearly speaks of the spiritual/emotional value of the PET.

“With Iuza Donadze, 60, we saw another function of PET in addition to giving people the ability to move. Iuza Donadze has a past history of stroke. He was paralyzed and was in bed motionless for two months. Then his health began recovering and presently he can use his hands again. Unfortunately his legs remain motionless.

“As his family members told us he was so depressed by his helplessness that he refused to eat. The fact that he was not able to move and was bedridden deepened his depression. When we arrived at his place, he at first did not want to see us. Then we assembled the PET and rolled it into his room. We talked him into trying to drive it; and when he saw that the PET was following the movement of his arms, we saw him smile.

“It is the first time since the stroke that he has smiled,” said his wife. The man who did not at first want to see us because he believed that no one could help him, drove out of his house into the sunshine of his beloved garden.”

That is the magic of love. The PET mobility cart is a gift of love from the front of the front wheel to the rear reflectors. One of our PET folks said,The only Jesus some folks may ever see has three wheels.”
“It is love, not faith, that removes mountains.” – George Sand, 1832

Mel West, Director Emeritus

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