Asaita District Hospital in Ethiopia recieves Mobility Carts through MedShare partnership

Hello Von, MedShare has just received these attached video & photos of the Mobility Carts in-use at Aysaita Hospital in Afar Region, Ethiopia! Also, these quotes:

“Your donation defiantly make a great difference in the lives of many sick children’s and our mothers. I would like to say thank you. Words can’t express how happy I am. Simply put: Thank you for caring about us! Gedda geye.” -Dr. Kassim Ibrahim, Medical Director of Aysaita Hospitalm Ethiopia

“On behalf of Asaita District Hospital and especially on behalf of our patients and their families, thank you again for your kindness and generosity. Together we can make the dream for a world filled healthy and happy for everyone a reality!!” -Dr. Sualih Yeruf, Inpatient Cast Team Director and Medical Equipment Committee Head, Aysaita Hospitalm

Thank you Mobility Worldwide for making another life-changing gift of mobility to the world’s most needy!

AMANDA PANIAGUA | Shipments Manager

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