Mel gives his trusty Ranger to another Mobility Worldwide volunteer

What equipment or item helps you do mission?

Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia Update: built since 1-1-16 #1,343

Hello. I want to tell you my story. I am Ranger. I was born in 1989, in Michigan. My parents were Henry and Ima Ford. My early years did not go well, and on 7/27/92 I was an orphan looking for a home. A fellow named Mel West came along and adopted me, and gave me an exciting life.

We began to do what he called “mission work”. I never knew what he was going to put into my cargo area. We hauled typewriters, sewing machines and bicycles to be repaired and sent overseas. We hauled clothing and shoes and food and shovels and toys. We hauled thousands of little stuffed animals to go to children in Russia. We hauled baby chicks and goats and lumber and cement and steel. It was exciting.

Then Mel helped to start this thing called “PET”. I liked that best of all. He would put a PET in the back and off we would go to some church. I would park outside and listen to Mel tell the PET story, and to the laughter of children as they rode the PET. People were always happy around the PET. I liked it when we took a trip out in the country. I would honk at the cows and blink my lights at other pickups.

Mel was always good to me. Each year on my birthday he took me to Dr. McKnight for a checkup so I would stay in good health. But for the last several years I’ve had a dull life. I’ve sat most of the time outside staring at a fence. Now I’ve been re-adopted. A friend of Mel’s and a PET volunteer needs wheels so I am starting my second retirement with him. Mel assures me that he will treat me well and give me a productive time.

Mel West gives Ranger to Morgan Matsiga
Mel West gives Ranger to Morgan Matsiga

Morgan Matsiga was a volunteer at the PET shop before he went back to his home country of Zimbabwe for a few years. While there he gathered some evaluations of PETs already in use and distributed some new PETs. Morgan with Eliya and his new PET this past summer. Now he’s back in Columbia.

Mel cleaned me up a bit and had Dr. McKnight check my vital signs. And he did one thing I like. He left that tattoo on my rear end that says, “LIVE SIMPLY SO THAT OTHERS CAN SIMPLY LIVE.” That is a good rule. If you see me go by, honk and wave. You will know that I am “still on a mission”. – Ranger


“It is a man’s task to execute, within the time that God allows him on this Earth, a human mission to do God’s will by working for the coming of God’s Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.” – Arnold Toynbe

Mel West, Director Emeritus
Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia

One Reply to “Mel gives his trusty Ranger to another Mobility Worldwide volunteer”

  1. Very creative pastor Mel. You must be very handy under the hood to extend Rangers life to 27 years and counting. May Ranger continue to be mission personified as long as he ‘lives.’ 🙂

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