Wheels & tires make PETs go ’round!

How many PETs would you like to help roll down the trail?

Give the Gift of Mobility, Dignity, and Opportunity!

Mobility Worldwide MO-Columbia Update: built since 1-1-16 #1,300

Donors like specifics about the projects to which they give. Children and others like to send money for a sheep, a cow, or chickens and such, to Heifer. We can envision our animal grazing on a hillside in Peru, or producing eggs in a Haitian coop. We at MW are adapting that kind of thinking to MW. If a person sends $300, that builds, boxes and ships one total PET cart, and the donor can well imagine the change that will make in a human life in the developing world.

But suppose the donor sends $50, or $100, or $10. How does that fit into the picture?

invoiceexampleKathy Maynard, our business manager, last week paid a bill for $10,717.00 to Marastar for 652 of the solid tires on wheels with bearings (and some with welded sprockets for the chain drive) we put on PETs. (See invoice below.) It is one of our reliable suppliers, and we have sent them hundreds of thousands of dollars for tires and wheels. She pays this type of invoice every 4 to 6 weeks. The bill Kathy paid averages out at $16.45 per wheel. So, if your donation is $100, you have put wheels onto two PETs; and you can envision them rolling down the rough trails they were made for.


But they would not go without the drive chain and top sprocket. Your gift of $10 will put that on a PET. $27 will purchase the top-quality treated lumber for a PET. $100 will pay our rent and utilities for a day. $50 will pay the average shipping cost per PET to get them on their way.

Regardless of the size of the check, or how it ends up being used, we want every donor to say in their heart when they see a photo of a PET changing a life, “I helped to make that possible,”

You keep writing checks, and Kathy will keep paying bills, and together we will make the world go ’round a bit better.


“Those who give cheerfully give twice, once to others and once to themselves.” -Anon

Mel West, Director Emeritus
Mobility Worldwide MO – Columbia

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