How do you decide to give to charities like Mobility Worldwide (PET)?

Make your gift create a bigger impact.

Mobility Worldwide MO-Columbia Update:

It will soon be time for the “end of year” giving. A friend last week asked me this question. “What would you recommend? Should I send $50 to each of 20 charities, or $20 to each of 50 charities?”

My advice was to do neither. Cut it down to a minimum of four, with $250 going to each. My advice to all is:

(1) Determine what is your passion. What need, what purpose, touches your heartstrings most passionately? It might be hungry children, or the blind, or Parkinson’s, or veterans, or any one of hundreds of such needs. What is your passion?

(2) Search on the web and ask around, who does a good job of meeting those particular needs? Go to their website and check them out. Get their charity record. What percent actually goes to the program. Although groups like will suggest you not solely look at admin cost/% as there can be appropriate circumstance like a smaller budget/income, etc. that cause the admin number to seem high. How much is the CEO paid?

(3) When you pick one that looks good send them a nice donation, and see what response you get.

(4) If that looks good, go to see some of their work, if you can. Go to a board meeting, if you can. For example, if it is the Salvation Army, go visit their work. Dig deeper, and see what else you can do. Volunteer. Grow into the mission. Become more than a check. BECOME PERSONALLY INVOLVED. You will be glad you did!


If your passion is leg-handicapped persons then Mobility Worldwide/PET is one mission of interest. Our thank-you letters include vivid and personal stories of how the mobility carts help individuals and their families and communities. Our percent of money given that goes for program is very high (see our 2015 annual report at our website). We welcome visits to our shop. Donors can go overseas and help distribute; contact us. We are always seeking volunteers.

My advice is, “Do not ‘shot-gun’ your giving. Focus it for efficiency and personal satisfaction.”


“There is no greater joy in life than giving to a worthy cause.” -Ted Turner

Mel West, Director Emeritus
PET MO–Columbia, Inc.

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