Can you help ship a mobility cart to someone who had polio?

Help us recognize World Polio Day by giving today.

Mobility Worldwide MO-Columbia Update:

Eighty years ago, when I was just a lad, I read the amazing story of Madame and Pierre Currie. They thought that the cinders from a steel mill might contain something of help to humanity. They lived in a cold warehouse, and day after day after day after day, they searched until they found radium. That led to developments that have almost magically transformed health care. I stood in awe of their determination. That story, and others like it, instilled in me the determination it took to stay with projects like PET/Mobility Worldwide (22 years) that were for the good of humankind.

Keith Jaspers, founder of Rainbow Network, points out two factors social entrepreneurs need – perception (to see the problem) and perseverance (to stay with it until a solution is reached.)

Polio has been one of the major causes of the need for PETs. Thirty-one years ago Rotary launched Polio-Plus and has given over $1 billion to help, with others, eradicate polio from this earth. Now, instead of 1,000 new cases of polio each day, it is down to less than one a week. Much is still to be done, as we must continue vaccinations for some time. Our weekly Rotary meetings are seldom without a mention of our need to contribute to Polio-Plus.

Click on the picture to read Ireen's full story by the Quincy, IL paper.
Click on the picture to read Ireen’s full story by the Quincy, IL paper.

October 24 Rotary will mark, with others, World Polio Day.

Since the development of Mobility Worldwide (PET Int’l 2004), I have insisted that MW set high goals. Our goal and purpose should be to provide appropriate mobility for all in need, starting first with those most in need. Our task will not be over until every human being is mobile, with plans for that to be continued, and all have accessibility and acceptability.

Day after day, year after year, our world is becoming a better place on which to live. Mobility carts are helping to make it so, but we cannot, we will not, quit.

(Click here to see a list of Reasons people around the world need mobility carts. Polio is the 1st.)


“Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance.” – Samuel Johnson

Mel West, Director Emeritus
PET MO–Columbia, Inc.

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