Sadie’s Story

b25d4381-9646-4858-a26c-7525dbfd8fc7From Carolina Honduras Health Foundation September 28, 2016 Newsletter:

Two years ago a team from Alabama met young Sadie Angelina at the Whispering Hope Clinic. As she came in with her mother, volunteers realized she had cerebral palsy. Volunteer Taylor Rowe spent time getting to know Sadie; a bond of friendship was developed. The next time Sadie was seen she had a Personal Energy Transport (PET) to help her get around. This year Taylor was on the Bowie team, saw Sadie, and reconnected with her. A few weeks later, volunteer Chuck Cordell was at Whispering Hope with the Altman team. He had the opportunity to visit Sadie in her home. Upon return home, the Altman team investigated the possibility of obtaining an adult PET for Sadie since she has outgrown the child’s one. AHMEN (Alabama Honduras Medical Education Network) has agreed to donate a PET which will be delivered to Sadie by an October CHHF team.

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