Small Mobility Carts distributed to disabled children through DIF in Mexico

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I just received these photos from the folks in Acuña, Mexico. We have been shipping Adult Mobility Carts to this group for several years now, as Acuña sits just across the border from Del Rio, TX, only 150 miles from San Antonio. I believe you shipped your [MI-Holland] Child Carts directly to Mac McCain or Rodney Martinez in Del Rio. They are both heavily involved with the Del Rio Host Lions Club and are the prime movers who get out Carts across the border.

I understand the occasion for this group of Acuña residents getting together was for a Handicap Awareness function hosted by DIF. DIF roughly stands for “Development of Integral Families,” and our equivalent is our Child Welfare & Health and Human Services. Each large Mexican city has a DIF and they are responsible for operating nursing homes, providing medical equipment and supplies to residents, disaster response, child welfare, family counseling, day care, adoption, etc. You can Google “DIF Acuña, Mexico” for more information. I believe these photos and a story must be on one of their websites but I can’t find it.

On the photos with the “DIF Acuña” sign behind the people seated are two people I can identify for you. The gentleman with sunglasses and Lions yellow vest is Rodney Martinez. He lives in Acuña but travels back and forth to the US multiple times a day as an advertiser for a radio station. He is also the immediate past president of the Del Rio Host Lions Club. Without Rodney in the middle, none of this would be happening. Sitting to the left of Rodney in the red blouse is Esther Talamas de Pérez, President of DIF Acuña. She is also the mayor’s wife, as is typical for the position of DIF President. She has a huge heart for the disabled in her city and country and works hard to provide for their basic needs.

I hope you enjoy seeing your Child Carts in use. From the paved roads of the city there’s no telling where these Mobility Carts will take these children or what opportunities will open for them that were previously impossible.

Many thanks for your Gift of Mobility to our brothers and sisters in Mexico! If they ask for more Child Carts, I will let you know.

Rob Remig
Mobility Worldwide TX – San Antonio

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