You can help send out more mission items thru PET’s BIG DOOR

Mission items flow in and ship out!

PET MO-Columbia update 8-30-16
Built since 1-1-16 #1,066

We have a saying here at PET, that ‘A LOT OF GOOD GOES OUT THAT DOOR’. By that door, we mean the big sliding door through which we load semi-trucks and 40’ containers for shipment round the world. Since PET, the Sewing Machine Project and the Container Project all operate from this building it is a busy door, discharging its gifts of love to those in need to a total of 103 countries, so far. (They are all under PET’s 501c3, but income and expenses are accounted for separately.)

The last shipment was two weeks ago when 110 PETs and 87 sewing machines went out that big door to World Vision, which will send them to their many missions. All year long we ship:

*** PETs: adult, child sized and Pull – around 1,600 a year.

*** Rebuilt sewing machines. In the box with the machines are new scissors, measuring tape, oil, needles, bobbins, and extension cord, reading glasses, plus two toy cars and three tennis balls (for the children), plus sewing fabric. We now send out about 360 machines a year.

*** Two 40′ containers a year go to Rainbow Network in Nicaragua. In those containers we place clothing, shoes, toys, school supplies, hand tools, sewing machines and fabric, school desks, office furniture, mobility devices, kitchenware, etc.

In order for all that to go out the big door something has to come in the other two doors of the building. Here is a sample:

*** Daily our financial donors send checks that arrive in our mail box. Those are so very basic in order for anything to go out the big door. We receive a bit less than half a million dollars a year through that mail box.

*** Each day many volunteers walk through the small door to invest their time, energies and skills in building, assembling boxing, and delivering PETs. They also rebuild sewing machines, and sort and pack items for The Container Project. Our active local volunteer list has 106 names and addresses on it. In addition, volunteers in several states make and ship parts to us, at no cost to us.

*** Pickup trucks, trailers and autos back up to the east door to deliver items of various kinds.


It is a simple process. We are in touch with the needs of the world, and in touch with the finest volunteers in the world. Together we enhance the lives of all. That is the way the Kingdom of God works.

Thank you to all. If you would like to help for the first time or give again or give to help more of our brothers and sisters, send a check to the address below or click on the donate button above.


“In this world it is not what we take up, but what we give up, that makes us rich.” – Henry Ward Beecher-

Mel West, Director Emeritus

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