Many PET supporters are paying it forward. Thank you!

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Do you give forward, or backward, or for some other reason? What is your motivation?

Our local paper has a weekly column written by an excellent writer. Her stories are usually of home and family. Last week she told a touching story about a woman in the community who was, with her four small children, driving toward home in a downpour of rain. Suddenly a tire went flat, and she stopped by the side of the road. She realized that she was just physically unable to get the heavy spare out, jack up the car, and put on the spare. There she sat. The husband of the column writer came by on his way home. He saw the car and realized that the way one side leaned it had a flat tire. He saw the little faces peering out the windows of the car. He stopped and put on the spare. The mother thanked him profusely and wanted to pay him, but he refused and said, “I am doing this for my wife and our daughters, hoping that if this would happen to them, someone would stop to help.”

He was “paying it forward”, wanting to help create the kind of world in which stopping to help is an automatic response.

That is a good custom that is developing nowadays. We were in a shopping center in Dallas, TX, and my wife went to buy an ice cream shake. When she went to pay the lady in front of her, whom she had never met, had already paid for it. It is a very nice gesture, and creates a more generous and caring society.

We also give “backwards,” in appreciation for our beneficial situation in life. We give out of gratitude for all we have and have received. The Scriptures remind us that “from those who have received much, much will be expected.” Many who volunteer and/or donate to PET express that as reason for their giving. Those who have been on a distribution trip and have seen the plight of the recipients, certainly express that thought.

We all give, I think, out of mixed motivations. We want to pay back for what we have received, and we want to create a more giving society for those who follow us. That’s what being human and “humane” is all about.


“If we give only that which we do not need, we have done nothing.” – Mother Teresa

Mel West, Director Emeritus
PET MO–Columbia, Inc.

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