Disabled worker in Lampang, Thailand assisted by PET cart

1469930825691Enclosed photos taken on Saturday 30 July where we donated an adult PET Cart to a 23 year old young man delivered to us via a blind foundation in Lampang, Thailand (who were simply helping out because they had a truck and a driver).

The young man named Pomb has a full time job at the AIS mobile phone call center in Lampang. We think, although we have no medical confirmation, that when he was a child he contracted dystrophy. He uses a wheeled walker at his job but had no outside transport and found the walker difficult because the small wheels continually got stuck when trying to navigate rises or bumps in the road or even door jams.

1469930816646 1469930821116He is from Phrae, Thailand from a small rural village where there is really no local medical expertise familiar with his condition. There is very little flexibility in his legs so a carpenter at the blind center has volunteered to move the cart seat backwards to give his fairly stiff legs more leg room. I also noticed that when he got back into the truck he had to enter it backwards, bottom first, and was unable to pull his legs in without assistance.

Anyway just keeping you advised of another PET cart recipient. The lady with the jeans is my wife Piranan and the old guy helping out is myself. Regards.

Don Willcox & Piranan Singjai


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