Can you Help us share the PET stories?

Share the PET story and help others become independent!

PET MO-Columbia update 7-26-16
PETs built to date since 1-1-16 #945

Story telling is the best way to convey a message. Jesus was known for his story telling, called “parables”. Jewish rabbi’s are great story tellers. When I preach, I find the sermons that seem to touch persons the most are when I have some stories that illustrate what I am talking about.

When I talk about PET I always include some of the great stories that illustrate what PET is all about. Here are some stories from PET distributions in Guatemala:

*** Enrique Pam: “He was gored by a bull nine years ago, which resulted in an amputation. He used to work in a dry goods mill. He lost his sight in one eye and is almost blind in the other. “Thank you for your efforts. May God give you life forever. This PET helps in a big way.””

*** Walter Madrid Valdizon, 24. “He has spinal bifida. He lives with his mother and works for a mailing company. The PET will change his life,”

*** Roberto Batz, 56. “When he was 12 years old he was bitten by a yellow beard snake while fishing. They amputated his leg as a result. He lives with his wife.”

*** Evaristo Choc Poc, 10. “Could never stand up. Just kept falling. Legs did not respond. He has been receiving vitamins for one year and seems to be getting better. He has received a child sized PET.”

*** Maria Elvena Velitz, 65, “Her veins exploded 15 years ago. She lives with her son. Three of her ten children died. She is very happy with her PET. “I can move!”


“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” – Steven Covey

Mel West, Director Emeritus
PET MO–Columbia, Inc.

Help Wanted:

Columbia shop needs volunteer welders from the Mid Missouri area immediately. Steel and materials provided. Need your own welding space. Call the shop 573-886-7877.

We also need a volunteer to keep our Facebook page fresh with stories and pictures. Someone who is already using and knowledgeable about posting on Facebook. We would supply items to post. Hopefully as the volunteer is comfortable, he or she would begin gleaning, editing, and posting from communications received like the weekly PET Update. Call Kathy at 573-823-5550 (after 8 am PDT).

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