PET protests the immobility of millions around the world

PET MO-Columbia update 7-19-16

PET is a protest group!

PETs in University of Missouri parade

I uphold the right of any individual or group to peacefully protest actions they see as injustice. Barbara and I were proud of our son when he went to the nation’s capital to protest the Vietnam War, which we also opposed. Peaceful protest is at the core of our rights as citizens of the USA. Peaceful protests have brought about justice and fair play about many issues over many years.

But protest should be more than marching and carrying banners. It should result in positive action to help solve the problem brought to the attention of others. I was impressed by Police Chief Brown of Dallas recently, when he mentioned to the protesters that “we are hiring.” Come, he said, and join the police force and help us solve the problem.

PET is a protest group. We protest the fact that 21,000,000 or more persons in this world must continue to crawl upon the ground, while we are spending multiplied billions to solve the medical problems of the wealthy.

We protest the fact that so little has been done by the trained engineers of the world to create and mass produce adequate means of mobility for the leg handicapped. We create robots to work for us, but expect the leg handicapped to crawl and beg.

We protest the fact that we can spend billions of our dollars and the lives of thousands of our soldiers and civilians to engage in wars that cause persons to crawl upon the ground, but nothing to heal the wounds of the poor who stepped upon the landmines we planted or who were born damaged by the effects of the Agent Orange we sprayed upon their homes and forests.

Ours is a quiet and peaceful protest. It is carried out in PET shops and home shops all across this nation. It is carried out as you write out checks and donate your milk jugs (packing material) and we do the paperwork for shipping. It is carried out by our partner NGOs and other groups that spot those most in need and place into their hands the cranks of a PET that liberates them from looking at shoelaces.

PET is a protest group! And, Gary Moreau, Director of PET MO-Columbia, says with the police chief of Dallas, “We are hiring! We need more volunteers/supporters.”


“The greatest enemy of justice is privilege.” – Marie von Eener

Mel West, Director Emeritus

One Reply to “PET protests the immobility of millions around the world”

  1. This is an interesting twist on PET, but used in this way to provide mobility for the poor in developing countries, I agree with your mission wholeheartedly! Now known as Mobility Worldwide, these specialty wheelchairs are a God-send to so many.

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