Xavier Fernando Doran receives second PET cart for street vending in La Ceiba, Honduras

!cid_3202FB4A-7D51-45BE-B6EA-B4017F13E599This is the PET cart which Dr. Camp authorized for me and was donated through Scott Ledford.

Xavier Fernando Doran, a 51 year old man from La Ceiba who contacted poliomyelitis when he was only months old and has been crippled ever since.

About 5 years ago he received his first PET cart and used it every day to sell vegetables, lacteos and tilapia fish around the bus station. The old PET cart became worn out and he asked for another one.

This picture shows Xavier on the new PET cart ready to go back to work. He asked me to tell you how grateful he is and to thank everyone involved with this donation. I also want to thank you personally for all the help you give to the folks here.

Kepp up the good works.

Sandy Palencia

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