PET organizational name in transition to grow awareness

PET will become Mobility Worldwide

PET MO-Columbia update 7-6-16

PET has been around and growing for 22 years. Thanks to our founders Mel West & Larry Hills, and designer Earl Miner for their vision and skills to provide a rugged mobility device for rural areas for those most in need. With your help over 57,000 PETs in 3 models have been produced and shipped to 103 countries. (Burma and Mauritius recently added.)

Along the way, little changes were made to PET’s design to improve longevity and use by its owner. Those included better bearings and sprockets. In 2013 a major seat overall was accomplished with the formation of a Medical Advisory Committee made up of professionals.

Changing the organizational and vehicle name has been in discussion for years. Although the PET name has served us well and has been used in fun ways to fundraise. But too often PET is misunderstood and makes it difficult for folks to find us in web searches and such. PET International, who leads the PET Family of production shops, has come to the decision of a new name with the help of a professional marketing firm.

Action 2016-06-07#3: PI Board approved the presented logos for the rebranding:
“Mobility Worldwide”- “Empowering People” and “Mobility Cart” – “Powered by People”

They are still working on all the details which will be presented in a workshop at the annual conference – September 23 – 24 at PET IN-DeMotte. A tag line will be developed to link “PET” (personal energy transportation acronym) to the new organizational name for this transitional period. Mobility Worldwide will be an easier name for others to quickly grasp our mission while we share our story. We look forward to many more years with your support, and anticipate this name change will help in achieving more recognition and success. Success to be measured by quality PETs/Mobility Carts shipped and lives improved.

You are welcome to the PET Annual Conference:

2016 PET Conference Invitation and registration information

Let’s continue to work together to help those around the world in need of rugged mobility!

Mel West, Director Emeritus
Helping others be independent, Kathy Maynard, Business Administrator

Help Wanted: Columbia shop needs two welders from the Mid Missouri area immediately. Steel and materials provided. Need your own welding space. Call the shop 573-886-7877.


One Reply to “PET organizational name in transition to grow awareness”

  1. ?’s – Will affiliates remove PET from their registered approved 501c3 name?
    Will the practice of calling the units PET carts cease? If so, what will it’s ‘handle’ be?
    Perhaps these things will be solved, and announced at the annual conference.

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