Serge Missionary begins PET cart delivery in Uganda

There is a newly formed church on the border with DRC (UG side). One of the Pastors is a friend of mine. The church became aware of 2 men who were unable to walk and could possibly benefit from an arm trike. The members of the church contributed money to pay for transportation for these men and assembly of the bikes. There is a local man I worked with on assembling the bikes. He gets some money for assembling the bike (~$4). This is a way for him to have some income and the person getting the bike (and/or their family and friends) to make some small personal investment in the bike.

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The men were:

Jonas – 40 year old (polio survivor with paralyzed and contractured legs) with a wife and 4 children
Pictured in red shirt

Bartalomayo – 50 year old cancer survivor who had bilateral above knee amputations in 2012 (I think they progressively amputated higher and higher over the years).
Pictured in brown striped shirt

The church sent about 8 women and 5 men (3 pastors) to support and accompany the men. We met them at the church/community center built by our mission many years ago. We fit them both in the church then moved down onto a slab where thy could practice. It wasn’t long before the women were singing…they requested a drum and we got one from my house and another 2 from the church. They sang several worship songs in Swahili. I was then able to share a gospel message with the men and all those that came from the church and those that had gathered to observe. Another pastor from the church also shared a message. Rains came and we had for rush back into the church…and it was a torrential downpour! We decided to worship some more!

What I had planned for a 2 hour window turned into a 4 plus hour affair, but it was so fun and such a blessing to be a part of something that will make such a positive impact on these guys!

Here are some more pics from a delivery a week or so ago.

This is Mbarak. He is a Muslim man in his late twenties. He is a vendor in his local village market. His wife died in child birth (child too) 4 years ago…leaving him to care for his other child. He has been wanting an arm trike for a while.

We shared a gospel message with him at delivery. He was grateful to receive the gift and invited me to come to his home. I haven’t followed up yet, but plan to.

This was our first assembly and delivery done in May.

We delivered to a Muslim man who lives in the local mosque. He is mute and deaf. He is a cobbler and had been motioning for an arm bike since I arrived over 2 years ago. It caused quite a stir and a huge crowd. He was cheered and followed in the market by a large group. He was so proud and happy to receive a PET trike. we wound up trying to share an audio-visual gospel message right in front of the mosque he lives in. It was a bit intimidating, but again a blessing to be a part of.

Rhett Wheeler
Bundibugyo, Uganda

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