Street vendor Langton Nyamukomba receives mobility and more ity UMC  Church Harare Zimbabwe 19062016 (101)I am now attaching personal profiles for the recent PET recipients at the distribution that took place on June 19, 2016 at Inner City UMC, Harare Zimbabwe. Below is Langton Nyamukomba’s story.

Langton was born on New Year’s eve in 1974 ( 12/31/74) and resides in a sprawling surburb of Epworth on the outskirts of the capital, Harare (physical address is House no: 8064 Domboramwari, Epworth). He is a married man and father of three. His source of livelihood is street-vending, selling, Air-time, snacks and other miscellaneous items such as loose cigarets and various candy (sweets).

He became an amputee in 2009 as a result of a medical emergency, resulting from a leg blood clot. According to him, he was late going to the hospital and by the time he finally managed to get there, doctors told him it was ‘too late’ and thus leg had to be amputated.

He is one of the first physically-challenged, Harare street-vendors I met upon arrival back
home in 2012 and his name has been on the ‘informal’ list I compiled for ‘potential’ recipients. This soon to be 42 year old father of three is a hard-working man who is very sociable as evidenced by his jovial interactions with his customers and fellow street-vendors. He can be found on the same ‘spot’ at Speke ave and Leopold Takawira Rd. He calls this spot his ‘office’ and does brisk business on a daily business.

Finally, Langton sends his sincere gratitude to PET International,  distribution partners, Global Aid Network, Life Ministry Zimbabwe, Inner City United Methodist Church.

Stay tuned for more profiles & Stay Blessed!!!

Morgan Matsiga

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