Pella/Spencer Team – Changing Lives With PETs

Originally posted at Pella/Spencer Team – Changing Lives With PETs

Bonjour from Haiti! Today was another great day of serving the Lord in this beautiful country!

After a good breakfast of pancakes, fresh pineapple and plantains, 6 PETs loaded on the 2 trucks along with 22 passengers, we made our way down the bumpy (bumpy really doesn’t describe it) road to Hinche. The scenery was beautiful, but it was full sun all the way.

Then one by one 6 worthy people received a PET. The President of the Association was injured in the earthquake in 2010, as was another gentleman. A 50 year old man had fallen off a roof, a 20 year old man had a back surgery go wrong, and there are many other heartbreaking stories. We prayed with them and said goodbye. As we were leaving in the trucks, we were followed by a convoy of PETs. For all the guys at the PET shop, this was pay day!

The team with-the thankful PET recipients

Bonswa (Good Night)

-Carol Verhey and Mara Juffer J

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