Do you have empathy for the persons who need PET mobility?

PET MO-Columbia update 5-10-16
PETs made since 1-1-16 #582

“Empathy” – “The projection of one’s own personality into the personality
of another in order to understand him better;” “The ability to share in
another’s feelings.” (New World Dictionary)

Several years ago we sent a shipment of PETs to an NGO called ACTS (A Call
To Serve) in The Republic of Georgia. The lady given responsibility for
the distribution of the PETs had visited Columbia, MO, and PET. She spoke
and wrote beautiful English and sent a photo and report on each PET. I’ve
made that into a booklet and have sent it to some of you. I quote here a
bit of what she wrote in the introduction.

“The results were more than encouraging. PETs were not only gifts of
mobility to those who could not move without help, but also the source
of physical and spiritual therapy. The feedback effect from the
distribution to the ACTS staff engaged in the project was tremendous
because the givers are even more happy than the receivers. To see the
recipients, the family members and friends when the new owners of the
PETs were driving them is more than rewarding.”

“We have discovered a new world for us – the world inhabited by people
who had lost any hope, as well as those who did not surrender and are
desperately trying to fight their immobility. Meeting those people and
listening to their stories taught us a lot, and the time came when we
could not any more keep all their stories taught us locked up in our

Elsa was exhibiting empathy. That is the kind of report we so often
receive from those who distribute PETs and see their impact upon the
leg handicapped. It behooves us all to pause from time to time and
project ourselves into the lives of a PET recipient. I have a friend in
Nicaragua who I met a year ago. He totally lost both legs at the
buttocks 30 or so years ago from a landmine blast. He has also had to
wear a colostomy bag all those years. He received his PET a bit over a
year ago, and was so effusive in his gratitude for it. From time to
time I pause to think about Binicio, and ponder how it would be to live
in such a situation. I seek empathy.



“When large numbers of people share their joy in common, the happiness of each is greater because each adds to the fuel of the other’s flame.” – St. Augustine – 440

Mel West, Director Emeritus
PET MO – Columbia

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