Is PET a “machine of peace”?

PET MO-Columbia update 4-26-16
PETs built to date since 1-1-16 #517

When I pull into my parking space at PET there is, in front of my pickup,
a Peace Pole. We planted it several years ago in a special ceremony
involving the Columbia Chamber of Commerce. My goal then was to spark a
movement to make Columbia, MO, a “Peace Pole City.” It did not work, but
our peace pole stands solidly there, proclaiming the dream of world peace.
It is about seven feet tall, a six inch pole, with the word for peace
printed on it in about 50 languages. Margie Baima was the artist who
painted the words on it. Charlie Christy set it firm and screwed it down.
About eight groups represented there said they were going back to plant a
peace pole by their church or business. None did.

Earl Miner, the PET designer, lifted up the idea of PET as a “machine
of peace.” No one is apt to mount a machine gun on it and charge off
into battle. Instead, the PET lifts up those whose lives have been
crippled in battles with landmines, polio, leprosy, birth defects,
diabetes, or other such things.

People asked me why I had the peace pole planted in front of PET. My
answer was that thousands of times a day I am, in visual ads, told to
“buy this,” “join this”, “try this,” “believe this”, etc. I almost never
see a sign that asks me to work for peace.

So, each morning when I go to PET, there it is before me, a reminder that
I am to work for peace, and that a PET is an instrument of peace. Go to
the web, and write in “peace pole history.”

Plant a peace pole. Start a movement.



“Shalom to the Hebrew people of biblical times meant much more than our
interpretation of “peace.” Shalom meant total spiritual and physical well
being. It called up visions of a society perfectly ordered by Yahweh,
marked by love and justice.”

– Tony Campolo

Mel West, Director Emeritus
PET MO – Columbia

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