PET-DeMotte Celebrates 1000th Gift of Mobility!

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

Can you believe it? We have reached an exciting milestone! Our 1000th Mobility Cart has been made and will soon be shipped! On April 7 Volunteers, spouses, Board Members, and local suppliers gathered to celebrate and mark this significant achievement. Before removing the sheet from the hidden cart, Bob Gabrielse made sure he introduced John Van Keppel, Ray Poortinga, and Marge Fase as some of the first volunteers who were a part of this ministry since it began in the fall of 2011. Then after each volunteer worker was introduced by their job assignment, it was time to unveil the 1000th cart. There were smiles, cheers, applause, and sighs as each person celebrated the significance of this great milestone.

We celebrated with plenty of pizza and dessert. The fellowship with the PET family volunteers is always the best part. One of the decorations was the balloon art made into the shape of a PET cart. CUTE!! On hand for the Celebration were some local businesses who partner with us: Matt from Kaper’s Building Materials; Cindy from Dezigns by Cindy; and Doug, our UPS driver. A word of thanks also goes out to Steel Craft Fabricators and Hillside Ace Hardware for their continued partnership.

“It gives me great pleasure to serve our Lord [by] helping others who need us,” said Peg Nick (painter). Phyllis Huisman enjoys the fellowship each Tuesday as she paints with a group of ladies. “But more than that is knowing we have a small part in giving someone mobility—it’s very rewarding.”

In just over 4 years, 1000 brightly colored carts have been built from scratch by a faithful group of close to 55 volunteers. This means there will now be 1000 people–precious disabled, outcast, and struggling people—who will no longer have to crawl on the ground or be carried on someone’s back! This motivates many of the retired folks who come to the shop to work each week.

Currently, these mobility carts are being sent to Swaziland, Africa to be distributed by The Luke Commission, a Christian based medical team that brings its mobile clinic to rural communities 3 times a week. At each site, anywhere from 600 to 1000 people are consulted individually and given the help they need, whether it be doctor visits, minor surgery, medication, HIV and TB and blood testing with treatment, a pair of reading glasses, a family Bible, shoes for school, a set of crutches, or brand new PET cart.

The PET Ministry continues to need the financial support of individuals, families, church and school groups, humanitarian organizations, and businesses. A sincere thank you to those of you who have been faithful donors. If it has been awhile since you gave your last donation, would you consider helping the leg disabled once again by sponsoring one of these mobility carts for $300 or by giving any amount you choose.

PET Ministries, Inc.

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