Mary interviews PET owner, 35 year old Victor, in India

PET MO-Columbia update 4-12-16
PETs built to date since 1-1-16 #451

PET has been a highly educational and inspirational experience for me. I
have been humbled and amazed at the quality and dedication of our
volunteers. Early in PET’s beginning Dr. Roger Hofmeister became a
volunteer. He and his wife Donna had been Peace Corps workers in Malawi.
He had worked as a medical doctor with our military. He had taught at our
MU medical school, and established family health programs in rural areas.
His wife, Donna, was his partner and support system in all of this. They
have been a much-beloved couple by all who knew them and by the many their
lives have touched. PETMO-Columbia was fortunate to have them both as a
part of our family.

But now Donna has left us. Roger and Donna spent time at a condo near
the beach in Alabama in the winter. Each year they invested a few weeks
of their time there, with their family often joining them. This year,
when their children were all there, Donna had a heart problem, surgery,
and died last Saturday.

If you care to send Roger a card or note send to Dr. Roger Hofmeister,
4005 Ivanhoe Blvd, Columbia, MO 65203


India Mary Frantz w Victor 35 Jan 2016Another PET sighting: Mary Frantz, local PET volunteer,was recently in India and saw a PET. She tried to tell him her connection with it. Mary said, “Our communication went very well because our driver was a great translator.”€ It is always exciting when some of our world travelers meet a PET face to face in the developing world.

Excerpt from Mary’€™s trip notes: €”Before I left, I had checked the files at the PET office, looking for possible PET’s in the Bengaluru area whom I could visit and interview for feedback for our organization. (PET
had sent me to Guatemala several years before to do the same thing.)

India Victor 35 yrs on PET Jan 2016I found several names and addresses; but when I got to this area, I located only one PET recipient. Through many phone calls by Kiran and Subramani, who speak the language, we found that a Mr. Victor
still had his PET, after 5 years, and lived not far from the Villa. Finally on one of my last days here, a man at the Prayer House (a Pentecostal church in a large slum area) gave us permission to come visit Mr. Victor.

We drove to the Prayer House to find Mr. Victor waiting. He is a 35 y/o man with dwarfism who received his PET through St. John’s Hospital after hip surgery.

He was very shy at first but as Subramani translated for us and he realized our
reason for the visit, he warmed up and I was able to capture some beautiful
warm smiles from this kind man.

He and his mother live nearby and he drives his PET to the Prayer House
daily. The PET is really worn out, especially the tires. I drove it
myself, took many pictures and interviewed Mr. Victor about his use of it
and what he would improve. It was very productive and this information
will help us at the PET office.€”

(Last year alone we sent #254 PETs to India thru two different groups.
More may have gone thru our distribution partners who ship worldwide from
their warehouses.)


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, and people may
forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” –
Maya Angelou

Mel West, Director Emeritus
PET MO – Columbia

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