PET Founder appreciates his mobility and provides for others in need

PET MO-Columbia update 4-5-16
PETs built since 1-1-16 #416

As my calendar age moves on upward, I am more and more appreciative of the
term we use so often with PET, the “Gift of Mobility.”

Yesterday afternoon the weather was lovely, and my wife and I took a walk
through our Lenoir Woods to see what the warmer spring weather had brought
us. Barbara especially loves the blue violets, and we found them
alongside the small stream that flows through our woods. Henbits were
blooming, and I saw what we called “Johnny-Jump-Ups” in SW Missouri.

I kept looking for May Apples. Those amazing little plants, about 18″
high, are not apples at all. They are actually a berry.

But the time will come when Barbara and I will no longer be able to walk
and enjoy those woods. We will no longer be able to admire the historic
oak tree or look for fish in the stream. The resident Groundhog will have
to do without our visitations.

Those who receive PETs get up from their beds of immobility and are able
for the first time for many years to do what so many of us take for
granted. We receive stories of a father who was able to take his son to
school or the first day of the boy’s school. Folks are able to go to
church, to get an education, to visit friends, to shop, to start a small

So far I am highly mobile, walking each evening a mile and half trail at
Lenoir or other places. Barbara has some knee problems, but together we
keep working to maintain our own “Gift of Mobility” and to provide it for
others. How can they “smell the roses” if they cannot get to the roses?


“What the eye cannot see the mind cannot embrace and the heart cannot love.” Anon.

Mel West, Director Emeritus
PET MO – Columbia

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